Riso superfino Carnaroli


Carnaroli rice is the reference ingredient for quality risotto, in fact it associates taste and perfect resistance to cooking. Ideariso proposes a Carnaroli rice that can carry the label QUALITY ‘EXTRA, with a level of imperfections almost nil (below 1.5%). This quality is reflected in the results in the preparations of the typical Italian risotto.

The quality starts in the field, the great agricultural experience and care of the each single rice fields allow the optimization techniques in order to have the best possible conditions for the growth and maturation of the rice. Our journey continues in rice selection that ensures high homogeneity of the product. Processing, optimized for this specific variety, complete the path that maximizes the characteristics of this variety in terms of cooking and taste.

To ensure the preservation of the quality, the rice is packaged in a protective atmosphere immediately after processing.

Carnaroli rice in brief

• Quality EXTRA Rice, base for risotto of excellence, following italian tradition.
• Gluten free, processed and packed in plant without food allergenes.
• Perfect fit with vegan diets.
• Ideal for risotto preparation, with lathe and separated grains, appreciated for its consistency in cooking.
• Cooks in 16 – 18 minutes
• Unique and exclusive rice, offered in the innovative Ideariso packaging in carton tubes, with easy handling and protective atmosphere.

Nutritional aspects

Ingredients: Superfino Carnaroli rice

average nutritional values
per 100 g of product:

1507kJ - 355 kcal
2,75 g
0,7 g
78,5 g
0,3 g
1 g
6,8 g
0,0 g
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values

Recommended uses and cooking methods

Risotto (but also boiled or stem)
80 g each
16 - 18 min.
Packaging: Food carton tube 1Kg, 500g, 320g